Gold Magazine Special Funds’ Feature March ’21: Imperio Capital under GMM Fund Management




Imperio Capital’s objective is to pursue unique opportunities for investing in income-generating residential and commercial properties in Cyprus. The fund seeks to maximise total returns through timely investments, active management and the subsequent sale of the properties, aiming to further capitalise on their upside potential. 


Imperio Capital’s Target IRR is achieved through a combination of attractive rental yields, capital appreciation, professional property management and effective tax planning. 


Imperio Capital offers attractive return forecasts. It is man- aged by a very experienced team with solid cross knowledge  in the areas of fund raising, property development, property  management and asset management.  

The Fund’s strategy, together with its strong target market  knowledge and its efficient structure, form its main elements of success. 


Fund Structure: Open-ended 

Legal Structure: Variable Capital Investment Company 

Life Duration: Indefinite 

Management: Externally Managed 

External Fund Manager: GMM Global Money  Managers AIFM Ltd 

Depositary: Eurobank Cyprus Ltd 

Fund Administrator: Pricewaterhousecoopers  Fund Services Ltd 

Legal Advisors: Deloitte Legal – Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC 

Auditors: BDO Ltd 

Leverage: Working Capital Credit Facilities of up  to 25% of NAV  

Reference Currency: EUR (€) 

Number of Investors: Unlimited 

Type of Investors: Professional and Well-Informed

Subscription fee: No subscription fee 

Fund Expenses: Up to 1.2% of NAV of the Fund

Redemption: Redemption period starts after 3  years with an annual redemption allowance at 25%  of NAV and Redemption in Specie is allowed. No  redemption fee applies. 

Targeted return (IRR): 7,5% p.a. 

NAV Calculation: Semi-annually 

Min Subscription Amount: €125,000 

“Imperio Capital – Property Income Fund I offers a unique opportunity for investing in income  generating Real Estate Properties in Cyprus, aiming at high gross annual rental yields, through  the employment of leasing and repositioning strategies.” 

                                              – Nicholas Ayiomamitis, FCA, Investment Committee Member


Disclaimer: Imperio Capital RAIF V.C.I.C. Plc is a Registered Alternative Investment Fund addressed to professional and well-informed investors. It is registered with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under Registration No. RAIF26 and it is externally managed by  GMM Global Money Managers AIFM Ltd which is regulated by CySEC under License No. AIFM 33/56/2013. Any projections, estimates, forecasts, targets, prospects and returns contained herein are not a reliable indicator of future performance.