GMM Fund Management is a Group of Companies comprising of GMM Global Money Managers AIFM Ltd which is an AIF Manager with Company License No. AIFM33/56/2013 and GMM Global Money Managers Ltd which is a Management Company holding a UCITS Manager License with No.2/13.

GMM operates in the financial sector, setting up, running and managing UCITS Funds as well as Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) in line with the most recent EU Directives, fully implemented under Cypriot legislation.

GMM is an innovative fund manager based in Cyprus, and seeks to provide effective geographical coverage of the local market, Greece, and the wider South Eastern Mediterranean region. GMM’s objective is to preserve the capital it manages and to achieve optimal yields.

GMM is focused on achieving a wide diversification of investment risk in international money and capital markets via UCITS and AIF Funds. It offers an extensive range of potential investment options (money market, fixed income, balanced, equities and special purpose funds, among others) for the small, medium and large portfolios of both private individuals and institutional investors.


Fund Management & Distribution




*UCITS funds are managed and distributed by our affiliate GMM Global Money Managers Ltd.

We are a fund management group offering services to a wide investor base, organisations, corporates, wealth and asset managers.


GMM Global Money Managers Ltd is a multi shareholder business and was established by 23 individual entrepreneurs and business professionals from different business sectors.

GMM Global Money Managers AIFM Ltd was founded by GMM Global Money Managers Ltd and LLPO Holdings Ltd which is an associated group company of LLPO Law Firm, a leading Cyprus law firm.