Regulatory Platform Service

Fund Management is the most widespread means of gaining access to a European (or other) jurisdiction through a fund domicile of choice, such as Cyprus.

The platform solution provides the fund promoter the regulatory requirements to operate, without the need to establish a management company substance in the fund domicile of choice. Such an arrangement is achieved by a delegation of the totality or a part of the portfolio management to the asset manager.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management services delivered by GMM Global Money Managers AIFM Ltd, support the AIF, its promoters and investment advisors during the investment and disinvestment processes by reviewing the investment proposals and by ongoing monitoring of the investment portfolio.

We also implement checks and monitoring over the delegated portfolio managers and support AIFs operationally during the investment process by organizing the investment committee meetings and during the implementation of the investment decisions.

The operating license of GMM Global Money Managers AIFM Ltd covers the management of AIFs following the strategies of: Real Estate, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds and other strategies.

Portfolio Management services can be offered via the three models below:

  • Delegation Model: The External Fund Manager delegates the function of Portfolio Management to the Asset Manager and maintains the supervision and oversight of the function.
  • Advisory Model: The External Manager appoints the Asset Manager as Investment Advisor relating to the function of Portfolio Management.
  • Investment Committee: The External Fund Manager establishes an Investment Committee with its own bylaws and restrictions, which acts as advisory to the function of Portfolio Management. The Asset Manager appoints the Members of the Committee.

Risk Management

The risk management framework of the company has been designed and implemented in compliance with AIFMD requirements. Both a quantitative and a qualitative analysis of the risk factors is conducted, and liquidity analysis and stress tests are performed on the AIFs under our management.

  • Established Risk Management Process
  • Risk Profiling
  • Risk Spreading Rule Implementation
  • Investment Objective Rule Implementation
  • Counter-party Risk Services
  • Asset Eligibility Risk Monitoring
  • Market Risk Services
  • Liquidity Risk Services
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Risk Strategy Support & New Product Implementation
  • Performance & Contribution Analysis
  • Training on Risk Management matters
  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting of Compliance Risks
  • Assistance in the Control of Compliance Risks


We ensure that the funds we manage are compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. We are able to assist with the below:

  • Regulatory liaison;
  • Support on the implementation of new regulation;
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting of compliance risks;
  • Assistance in the control of compliance risks.


Our team performs oversight, due diligence and monitoring of the processes, procedures and ongoing activities of the Administrator, the Depositary, the Distributors, the Valuers and the Transfer Agent.

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