Licensing of the Quality Income Retail Fund


On July 20th, 2020, it was announced that the Quality Income Retail Fund was licensed with CySEC under Registration no. AIF75_2.

This fund is open to well-informed and professional investors, follows a Private Equity oriented strategy and is placed under AIF umbrella. The objective of the Investment Compartment is to provide return to investors by investing primarily in preference convertible equity and/or preference convertible equity-related securities of Companies that have activities in Europe with main focus in the regions of Cyprus and Greece, involved in the sectors of hospitality, education, health and real estate development.The fund’s Depositary is Eurobank Cyprus, its Administrator is PwC Ltd, the Fund’s Legal Consultant is LLPO Law Firm Ltd and its Auditor is Ekkeshis Ierodiakonou Ltd.

For more information on the fund, please click here and to request further information on the fund, please click here.